Faculty Submissions

Testimonials by faculty & staff members at partner schools:
“Stand by Me has been an extremely successful and beneficial program on our campus! The students take their roles seriously and this initiative has led to a decrease in office reports of bullying. It has also helped us target ‘hot spots’ in our building, subsequently leading us to add more adult supervision to those areas.”

- Maria Johnson, Principal

“Stand by Me is a good program. Student really took ownership in it. The meetings keep students motivated. Most [bullying] incidents don’t make a paper trail because they are out of sight of adults. It’s good that it is caught before a referral. Stand by Me is a deterrent. It decreases bullying referrals.”

- Guy Johnson, Assistant Principal

“I love seeing the kids work things out with each other. The bullying incidents have dropped significantly and I believe it is due to this program empowering the students.”

- Tonya Kramer, Faculty Sponsor